Our story

Through years of sleeping on a variety of different mattresses, I realized they all shared the same inherent flaw: they lost their support and began to sag, which caused a poor sleeping environment. We started nearly four years ago with the idea of being able to replace the defective parts as needed. The following three years we experimented with different materials to find the very best combination. Each step included new ideas and problem solving. As we move forward, we will always be looking to innovate and improve our product. We’re focused on creating a healthy lifestyle through rejuvenated sleep.

Dr. Roger Baker

Dr Roger Baker vision clip of Baker Sleep 34
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better sleep

Our Vision

“Better Living thru better Sleep”

Personalize your mattress today.

Our Fitting Process

Baker Sleep custom scale for body balance

Individual bodies differ and require different firmness when sleeping. Baker Sleep divided the body into 7 zones and created a special scale that calculates the weight for each zone.


After applying the weight balance data and using the most advanced pressure map system, Baker Sleep can dynamically adjust firmness on each zone independently and find the most comfortable combination.

Computerized bed by Baker Sleep
Personalized mattress by Baker Sleep 34 - complete view

The Baker Sleep Mattress requires a total of 14 premium spring pods (7 per side). The spring pods are exclusively made for Baker Sleep and can easily be removed and changed to meet a customer’s preferred firmness or softness as needed.


Designed and Made in U.S.A

Washable Topper​ made out of bamboo
Washable Topper​

Exclusively designed and made for The Baker Sleep System.  Used 7 times more bamboo than most mattresses that is resistant to fungi and bacteria.  Also cool in the summer and warm in the winter

100% Natural Latex

We only use 100% natural latex with absolutely no added products. Our latex is non carcinogenic (does not cause cancer), non toxic and non allergenic. 100% natural latex lasts longer and is better at relieving trigger point discomfort than the other synthetic latex.

100% Natural Latex - no synthetic materials added
Power coated aluminum metal frame
Patented Frame

The frame is structured inside the mattress for better support. The folding butterfly design allows for easy mobility up stairs and around tight corners. Each frame carries a serial number for warranty and tracking purposes.

King: 32.8 lbs | Queen: 27 lbs

Premium springs for Baker Sleep 34 system


Support Level – Consists of seven PODS per side for a personalized fit. Our PODS are created in soft, medium soft, medium, medium firm, & firm. It restricts sagging of the support level allowing for predictable long lasting comfort and support

King: 2,900 springs | Queen: 2,254 springs

Premium inner springs and 100% natural latex


Comfort Level – consists of washable topper made out of bamboo, two 2 inch 100% natural latexes (no synthetic materials) and premium micro coils.  This perfect combination of layers allows a softer and more comfortable sleep platform for great sleep night after night.

King: 2,900 springs | Queen: 2,254 springs

the 3⋅4

The 3⋅4 represents the third and fourth stages of the sleep cycles. This is the deepest sleep of all the stages. Human Growth Hormone is produced and released into the body resulting in repair and rejuvenation. The body repairs and restores tissues, muscles, bones, and boosts the immune system. Neurotransmitters are produced for nerve and brain function. Reduces the need for sleep and is the most restorative period


“We’ve had our Baker bed for a few weeks now. My husband and I are both sleeping better than ever. I’ve had convention mattresses, water bed, Sleep Number, but the Baker bed is THE BEST EVER!! My chiropractor is amazed that the swelling in my neck and shoulders is gone. I wake up feeling rested for the first time in my life. (Though it is SO comfortable, I don’t want to get out of it.). I like a soft bed, but I NEED a firm bed due to back issues. I never knew a bed could be so soft and supportive at the same time. I know it’s cliche, but it really is like sleeping on a cloud…I feel no pressure points anywhere. I just can’t say enough good things, but THANK YOU, Dr. Baker for developing this system. Your research and dedication to the finest quality materials is s God-send for me!! 👍🏻❤️👨🏼‍🍳🛏

BY Diane Douthat Finch (Facebook post on 6/5/2019)


“We can’t begin to thank the wonderful people at Baker Sleep 3 4 enough for this bed.”



“It will change your life. The most comfortable bed you will ever sleep on”

It will change your life. The most comfortable bed you will ever sleep on by Rebecca Truitt
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“Personalized bed for my comfort, it’s so worth it and so awesome.”

Personalized bed for my comfort, it’s so worth it and so awesome BY REGAN GUDGEL
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“Healthy, active living through quality sleep on our Baker Sleep mattress.”

Healthy, active living through quality sleep on our Baker Sleep mattress BY LORNA FULLER
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